The design of a Great George watch is based on Bauhaus art movement principles that takes what is simple to create what is useful. It’s a design approach that operates above the sway of fickle trends. Great George has adopted this philosophy - simple, timeless and useful. The Bauhaus school sprung up in Germany between the world wars, bringing art and design under one discipline. Instead of creating art for the sake of art, students of the school often used their eye for good design to create everyday objects. This definitive art movement is behind the design of products and architecture you see and use everyday. It’s not uncommon for chairs, buildings, door knobs and cradles for babies to look the way they do because of this influential school. Like anything Bauhaus, a Great George doesn’t blind with useless ornamentation. Instead, our watches rely on a simple and timeless elegance to look as good as they do. The signature materials of the Bauhaus are steel, concrete and glass. We built Great George on those things and the idea that materials can have equal parts usefulness and grace.Stainless steel forms the sturdy enclosure for Great George’s Swiss movements and it’s what makes our buckles strong. We use mineral glass with a sapphire coating so your watch stands up to everyday wear and tear.Concrete makes an appearance in our premium packaging. The concrete cube is symmetrical, simple in its design and useful. Repurpose it however you like: a planter, a stash for your pencils or a candle holder. At Great George we believe that less is better. It's a principal of the Bauhaus, the backbone of our watch design and it's what we have built our company on. So throw out what is useless and embrace only what's necessary.